Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My house, my inspiration - Volume 2

Welcome to part 2 of my house.
This time I'll tour you through my bedroom and workroom. 
Here too I have plenty of nostalgic and sentimental collectibles from here and there. 
Even though they are the back rooms of the apartment, there is no lack of color in them that's for sure :)

So This is the wall by the door of the work room. My little plate collection. The amazing top one is by a talented lady named Fugi. You should look up her work here cause it's AMAZING
The view as you walk into the work room starring my big Dora Kallmus poster. Most of the pictures hanging on the walls in this room are black & white
This is the computer corner. where I drink my coffee in the morning while reading my favorite blogs and catching up on what's new in the world

Nir's school folders on another great shelf made by Hagit from Freckles

The top right picture was painted by my lovely sister in law as a wedding gift. The bottom one was an option for our wedding invitations. It's Nir and I dressed as a bear and bunny. We decided not to use it as we were afraid people won't get the humor. The top left is A post card I love from Mexico. We have this joke that it's a photo of us as well :)

Yet another ship... and a Vietnamese figure from the Laos- Thailand border. I never actually made it to Vietnam  

Our new rug and Nina's new favorite spot

This is the famous photo of the construction workers from the empire state building in NY. I love it so much because it reminds me of one of my favorite cities in the world where I once lived. We found the picture on the street

Welcome to my toy collection and a tip of my shoe collection. The bottom shelf is dedicated the "kid robot" one of my favorite toy designers in the world. They are a bit expensive so every time I go to NY I get one 
A mini Mr. Potato head

When I was a girl I had a "my little pony" collection. I have no idea what I did with it or who I gave it to which makes me kind of sad.. but lately I found some one on "etsy" who was smart enough to keep her collections and sell it online. I had to buy one

I've loved flamingos since I was a little girl. This one my father got me in a crafts market in Capetown

My shoe closet

  The master bedroom. The pictures hung on the walls in this room were mostly taken by Nir (except for one) on different trips of ours around the world. We thought that it would be cozy to fill our bedroom with sweet shared memories.

I found this lamp when I was 19 and it's been with me ever since. It moved plenty apartments since

My messy bag collection :)


My jewelery and make-up corner. I found the cabinet about 15 years ago in a vintage shop and it only cost 50 shekels
I keep my head bands (that I barely wear) in a "San bernardus" beer bottle. The little boxes are what all my "Kululush" jewelery came in. now they are used for storage
My jewelery box given to to me as a gift when I was about 8 or 9

The ballerina doesn't spin anymore to the sound of sweet music like it once did but I still love it any ways

I keep old photos of my mom and grandparents up there. and on top is my small Indian/Thai/Chinese temple

 That's it! My house :) It's amazing waking up here in the morning and going to sleep here at night. It certainly is my inspiration.

Monday, November 19, 2012

My house, my inspiration - Volume 1

When you walk into our house you cannot mistake who's house it is. My house is a big part of me and will always complete who i am and what i love in life. I've always liked color and busy walls. 
Since I was a teenager and my parents renovated their apartment, After 10 years of sharing a room with my older brother, finally I had my own room. my own little space I can decorate. The walls changed many colors and plenty of little collectables were hung and placed on shelves. 
 I've always traveled around the world and always bought a little memory to bring back home. Each little element you will see has a story. sometimes a story of a person I bought it from and sometimes a story from a far away country.  If you ask me I will probably remember where I bought each item (or who i got it from as a present) and around what year it was. But if i tell you all of them the post will be much too long. more than it already is :)

And after that long introduction... Welcome to the Hemed's humble of home.
This is our living room. red couch, yellow cabinet, green shelves, orange chair, blue television cabinet. can you see where i'm going with this?
Sometimes you just need a pretty place to put all your stuff in
The painting was a wedding gift from a dear family friend. It reminds me of my home town Jerusalem

My globe! A present from my parents for my 28th birthday. It lights up too! And A sneak peak to the balcony.. more of it to come later on
Kenny :)
The painting on the left is by my amazing Grandfather who passed away when I was 11. George Weisbrod

And so are boats
Matrioshkas- main motif in this house

This is a very recent addition to the apartment. I designed it and a very talented woman made it as she did the cute green shelves from before. You should look her up: hagit
Another amazing painting by my grandfather. I love anything to do with carousels horses and unicorns. how girly
Nina's spot
The horse in the hoop was bought from a dear friend i might have mentioned a dozen of times on this blog. Zohar Mor from Kululush.
A small part of my tin collection. Boxes, cans, kettles you name it. if it's made out of tin I love it. as for the little pictures in the center- they're from a flea market in Cuba. If you look hard enough you'll see it says "visit Cuba" on one of them
What did I tell you about them carrousels
My little Cuban smoking lady. from the flea market in Cuba as well

The living room and the kitchen are in the same space and there isn't really a line where one ends and the other begins. Even the fridge is by the TV :) and as you can see from all the magnets, we've attended around 14 weddings in the past 2 years

The wire "love" word and the heart beneath it are from South Africa
Another Grandpa Weisbrod painting

Matrioshka oven mit
Even my Urban outfitters cupcake soap dispenser has a story
The amazing porcelain cookie plate was a wedding gift from a dear family friend from France. It was owned by her grandmother about 100 years ago. There is no way I will ever use this plate for anything other than decoration
My tin kettle collection. each has it's own story

We were cooking soup while taking the photos :) when i say we I mean Nir. he's the cook in this house. a pretty good one too
The little houses are from Portugal. We actually visited a city where a whole street was covered with these on the walls, it was amazing! The bottom light house is also from Zohar

Nir's grandmother makes the ceramic "Hamsa" hands
A present from Vietnam and a heart from SouthAfrica
Aaaand Nina moved to her other spot, the balcony. sitting with her favorite socks. My socks from india she made her own

So this is the end of part one. Next time i'll introduce you to our bedroom and work room :)
And for now- stay safe if you're in Israel.